32 Blog Posts From the Black Boxes Tag

Drivers to be given Real-Time “Risk Scores” using Embedded Telematic Surveillance Sensors

By Joe Cadillic, co-writer of the NMA Street Surveillance Blog and founder of the MassPrivatel Blog Gone are the days when insurance companies used race, sex, and a person’s age to determine their auto insurance premiums. A new whitepaper by Cognizant, titled The New Auto Insurance Ecosystem: Telematics, Mobility and the Connected Car, reveals the real reasons […]

Pros and Cons of the Old Car in the New Normal

It is far from a bad idea to consider buying an older car given the “new normal” descending. But, as with most things, there are downsides as well as upsides. Here’s a look at both: Upsides Old cars don’t always cost as much, and you will likely pay cash for it. Then you won’t need […]

It’s not all about COVID-19: NMA Auto Tech News for March 15, 2020

By Shelia Dunn, NMA Communications Director Coronavirus or COVID-19 has already started to dominate the auto tech news sector, but before we do a deep dive, here are two other stories that grabbed my attention over the past three weeks. I was shocked when I read this story from Transport Topics: Starsky Robotics Exits Autonomous […]

TheNewspaper.com Roundup: May 14, 2018

In this week’s TheNewspaper.com Roundup! –Dealing with a Disgraced Cam Company– –FL outlaws license plate frames– –NH Court strikes down interstate roadblock– Friday, May 11, 2018 Maryland, Virginia Schools Deal With Disgraced Camera Company The Federal Bureau of Investigations continues to unravel the corruption scandal that has thus far brought two felony guilty pleas related […]

TheNewspaper.com Roundup: April 23, 2018

In this week’s TheNewspaper.com Roundup! –Cops need warrant for car black box data in MO– –Judge scolds Detroit cops for lying about traffic stops– –UT Supremes will decide whether cops violated CAF Ban– Friday, April 20, 2018 Missouri Court Protects Black Box Data From Cops If police want to snoop through a vehicle’s black box […]

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