NMA Traffic Calming Fact Sheet ( PDF )
Free to download, print & distribute.

An NMA member made the flyer below and handed it out to his neighbors when there were speed bumps were being considered for his neighborhood. There was widespread support for the speed bumps initially, but that quickly changed after they read the flyer.


Here are some questions we thought you’d want the answers to. You may want to reconsider signing!

Fire at your house? Well, the fire truck will eventually arrive after it makes a complete stop at each bump. Time lost at each bump will be 15 seconds. Sit tight, help will arrive — later.

Relative having a heart attack? The ambulance will be there — later.

Does your youngster have skates, a skateboard or a bicycle? Speed bumps attract children into the street and into traffic. It’s fun to jump those bumps! The ambulance will be there — later!

Has snow removal been a problem? If it hasn’t, it probably will be.

Is your house attractive? How will it look with two of those 2 1/2-feet-square “Speed Bump — 20 mph” signs out in front? And those foot-wide zebra stripes on the bump? Lovely! Or maybe they won’t be in front of YOUR house. Do you feel lucky?

What do you think will happen to the suspension and exhaust systems on your nice car at normal, legal speeds when you cross those bumps at least twice a day? Ouch! It’s hard on the brakes, too. And what about your wallet? Ouch!

Some vehicles, like delivery trucks and maybe your own SUV, almost have to stop at speed bumps. What happens when vehicles unexpectedly stop in traffic? Back to the repair shop!

Are speed bumps good for the environment? No, the unnecessary slowing and accelerating they cause results in wasted fuel and increased air pollution. Bumps can cause noise pollution, too, because some drivers who aren’t happy with them will lean on the horn button.

Any way you look at them, bumps are a major nuisance, and drivers may indeed avoid them so that traffic increases on neighboring streets. In any case, even if you’re the only one left driving on your street, you’ll have the pleasure of bounding over those bumps every day, again and again and again.

Next to last question: Who’s paying the bill for installing or removing the bumps? (Hint: It’s not the county.) You are! Ouch!

Have you thought about signing that petition? We hope you’ll reconsider.

Before receiving this flyer, 80 percent of the residents favored speed bumps. After receiving this flyer, only 40 percent of the residents supported these devices. That’s pretty impressive for a one-page flyer!