Speed Limit Fact Sheet ( PDF )
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The Truth About Speed Limits
This article boils down certain basic truths, concepts, and arguments about speed limits to their essential elements.

Do Speed Limits Matter?
This article looks at what might happen if there were no speed limits and whether or not they matter.

Is Every Speed Limit Too Low?
Lt. Gary Megge of the Michigan State Police says, “Speeding and traffic safety have a small correlation.” ┬áRead this article from to find out why.

The Practical Benefits of Setting Proper Speed Limits
Listen to this November 2018 radio interview with Jay Beeber, executive director of Safer Streets L.A.

Restoring Speed Limit Credibility
This page has a paper relating to speed limits that was submitted to the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in 2000.

Safety & Setting Speed Limits
This article is a thorough analysis of speed limits and their effect on safety.

Establishing Safe and Realistic Speed Limits
This educational presentation titled “Establishing Safe and Realistic Speed Limits” was given by the Michigan State Police to the Michigan House and Senate Transportation Committees in February 2011. The State Police also publish a booklet titled “Establishing Realistic Speed Limits” at These publications explain the safety value of using realistic 85th percentile posted speed limits.