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Full NMA Position On Seat Belt Laws

Many people misinterpret our position as anti-seat belt, however the NMA does encourage the use of seat belts. Read this article to fully understand our position.

For Your Own Good

This article explains how the inaccurate belief that motorists are incapable of exercising personal judgement concerning their safety has led to more intrusive laws.

The Social Cost Theory

This article warns of the dangers of accepting 'social cost' arguments as justification for limiting or reducing personal freedoms and individual discretion.

Seatbelt Laws, Helmet Laws and Nattering Busybodies

This article suggests that accepting that it is the duty of government to involve itself in our private choices will lead to a nation of nattering busybodies.

NMA Testimony Against Primary Enforcement

This is written testimony submitted by the NMA regarding a 2003 Wisconsin bill allowing primary enforcement. The bill failed but the state of Wisconsin eventually passed a primary seat belt law in 2009.
The Onslaught Continues

The Onslaught Continues

This article gives a bit of history on seat belt laws including the story of how they were initially proposed as a way to postpone air bag mandates by the federal government.
NMA Editorial On Seat Belt Laws

NMA Editorial On Seat Belt Laws

This is an editorial written by James Baxter that originally appeared in USA Today.