NMA Red Light Camera Fact Sheet ( PDF )
Free to download, print & distribute.

Additional Red-Light Camera Resources

Fire Redflex
A compilation of news sources documenting the dark and sometimes corrupt side of the for-profit photo enforcement industry.

Red-Light Camera Brief
A 20 page brief that an attorney prepared in association with the National Motorists Association for the defense of a motorist who had received a red light camera ticket.

Red-Light Camera Legal Motion – Seattle, WA
NMA member Dennis Eros filed this motion in March 2009 with the Municipal Court of Seattle, WA in defending himself against a photo ticket for allegedly driving through a red light. The motion makes several cogent points in challenging the legitimacy of red-light cameras as traffic enforcement devices, particularly as related to a defendant’s due process rights. Not surprisingly, Dennis Eros’ red-light ticket was dismissed based on procedural grounds. The Municipal Court of Seattle thereby avoided having to rule on his motion. Mr. Eros is not an attorney, and anyone choosing to adapt the arguments of the Eros motion for use in other situations and/or jurisdictions should consult their own attorney first.
This self-described “journal of the politics of driving” is a tremendous resource. Photo Enforcement is the author’s primary focus.
This site discusses red-light cameras, including their common errors. It’s great for anyone fighting a camera ticket, especially in California.
This site features a user-maintained list of red-light cameras and photo radar locations throughout the United States. You can even add to the list.
POI Factory has a free database of camera locations for GPS users. The data is cooperatively maintained and free to active participants on the site.