I appeared in court before a judge today. The outcome was very interesting.

The officer who stopped me took the stand just before me with a defendant he stopped on the same stretch of road going southbound with a speed limit of 35 MPH. When it came my turn and the officer explained that he stopped me in the same exact place as the previous guy, but with a 25MPH speed limit, the judge immediately asked how the same road could have a different speed limit. The officer said maybe it was posted wrong on the northbound (my) side.

I immediately harped on this and asked the officer what he felt was a reasonable speed on that stretch of road. The judge said that was not a fair question for the officer and we must obey posted limits. However, he said that he could certainly see my side of the story.

I ended my questioning at this point (not pushing my luck) and just asked the judge if he could be sympathetic toward this case, because of the inconsistent posting.

The judge replied he would find me not responsible, but requested that I send a letter to the Town of Wayland board of selectmen asking them to consider re-posting that area and send him a copy. I agreed.

It went well…just thought I’d share.

Thanks for the advice. N.V.