I just got out of court. I met with the clerk-magistrate. To remind you, I was cited for speeding in an illegally posted speed zone. My speed was measured by an oncoming cruiser via radar.

The magistrate listened to a report by a representative of the police dept. stating the facts of the case, then asked me for my side of the story. I gave her the story about the speed limit not being properly posted because the traffic study was never done. I showed her the letter from the local highway dept. stating that. I read her the applicable sections of the Speed Regulation from the Mass Highway department. She listened to everything I said, agreed with the logic and the documentation that I presented then said, “That means that almost all the speeding tickets issued in T. are illegal.” I agreed. She then said couldn’t let me get away with it, because then no one would have to follow the speed limits in town. And she found me Responsible. I complained and said that it was unfair and that I would appeal her finding. She then relented and offered to find me Not Responsible based on “my good driving record” but not the illegal speed posting.

And so I was found Not Responsible, which is good. But not for the reasons I wanted.

You were right. They dont always follow the rules.

Gino M.