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National Focus

US President Joe Biden banned Russian oil and gas as an additional sanction over the Ukrainian invasion. The Hill discussed how the President came around to banning Russian petroleum. Most Americans apparently are willing to pay more at the pump for Ukraine.

With the news of the ban, gas prices rose by 22 percent in one week according to the Associated PressMotorTrend stated in its headline, Gas Prices Hit All-Time High, But You Still Paid More in 2008A number of media outlets analyzed other areas of the gas price jump:

Immediately after Biden’s announcement, the US began talking to other oil-producing countries about increasing crude oil output. The President also began talking about increasing drilling inside the US.

The political fallout was also immediate:

Federal and state lawmakers also were quick to discuss suspending the federal and state gas taxes to help alleviate pain at the pump:

What goes up, must come down apparently:

Here are some other interesting list articles on gas prices:

The auto industry continues to have fallout over the Russian Invasion of Ukraine:

Other fallout for consumers due to the international crisis include:

There actually was a great deal of other motorist-related news in the US. Reuters reported that more than 140 US lawmakers urge speedy action on electronic chips fundingRoad and Track wrote about a case that could be a legal nightmare for automakers. The Environmental Protection Agency proposed to cut smog and soot pollution from heavy trucks plus the EPA has restored California authority to set car emissions rules. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has finalized the first occupant protection safety standards for automated vehicles without driving controls.

Route-Fifty reported on the 2020 traffic fatality statistics by indicating that traffic deaths in the first year of the pandemic had an uneven tollThe New Republic asked the question, Is Pandemic Stress to Blame for the Rise in Traffic Deaths?

One of the consequences of both higher gas and metal prices—more gas and catalytic converter theft:

Here are a few studies and research that might be of interest to motorists:

Here are some infrastructure stories of interest:

Additional National Driving News Headlines:

Additional International Driving News Headlines:

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Additional Regional and Local Driving News Headlines:

Motorist-Related Legislative News Headlines:

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Motorist Corner

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach sent us two video dispatches from the field:

In our Driving in America Blog, we revisit a Driving Freedoms Winter 2022 article on What’s Up with Philly? and NMA Blogger Eric Peters gives us some good reasons why AWD could be extraneous. He also reviewed the 2022 Mazda3 Review.

The NMA was in the News with three different stories last week:

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Best from Auto Press



2021: The Year Transit Failed to Recover Part 1

Despite receiving tens of billions of dollars in support from Congress, the transit industry in 2021 failed to recover most of the riders it lost to the pandemic in 2020. Ridership in 2020 had fallen by 54 percent from 2019 due to the pandemic, and was only 3 percent greater, or 52 percent below 2019 numbers, in 2021, according to data released by the Federal Transit Administration in January 2022. . .

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