When is it a Good Idea to Keep a Dashcam in Your Daily Driver?

From Florida attorney Scott Distasio

If you are thinking about buying a dashcam for the vehicle you drive daily, you might be wondering if it’s worth it. Dashcams range in price from $20 to several hundred dollars, which is a significant difference for a lot of drivers.

Looking at the benefits you can get when using a dashcam helps you understand why you should always have one running each time you get behind the wheel. If you have a dashcam during an accident or traffic stop, it can save you a lot of trouble and keep you out of harm’s way. Many people wish they had used a dashcam before their accident or unexpected event, and you don’t want to wait until it’s too late.

If You Might Need to Get Out of a Ticket

Most police officers do their best to remain fair and only issue tickets to people who break traffic laws. The problem, though, is that cops are only human and make mistakes like anyone else, and some cops might even issue a ticket to someone who does not deserve it.

The court will look at your word versus the cop’s if you try fighting your ticket without solid evidence on your side. On the other hand, you can safeguard your rights and get out of unfair tickets if you use a dashcam while you are on the road. No matter how hard they try, the police won’t be able to dispute video evidence.

When You Want to Improve Your Driving

Most people think their driving skills are above average, but we all have room for improvement. Working to improve your driving skills reduces your odds of facing citations and collisions. By increasing your driving skills, you can even save money on gas and reduce the number of times your vehicle breaks down.

One of the top ways to reach that goal is watching videos of your past driving, and you will spot mistakes and errors you would have otherwise overlooked. The number of mistakes you catch might surprise you the first time you review your videos. But if you can do it with an open mind, you might boost your driving skills to a whole new level.

Do You Think You May Need to Fight Insurance Fraud?

On the road, insurance fraud happens when a person or group stages an accident to collect insurance money. The number of people committing insurance fraud impacts your monthly premiums, and you can save money by combating the issue. Having a dashcam allows you to pull video footage and help prove that someone committed this crime.

A criminal might even bait you into an accident and try suing your insurance company, causing your rates to go up. Having a dashcam in your car or truck puts your mind at ease by protecting you from insurance fraud and related crimes.

When You Collect Evidence for a Personal Injury Case

Being the victim of an automobile accident is a difficult and challenging situation for anyone. You could face a variety of injuries in addition to damage to your vehicle. If you can’t prove the other driver caused the accident, you won’t get compensation for your losses.

This situation forces you to pay for the medical bills and car repair fees alone, which puts a dent in your bank account. Having a dashcam, though, removes that problem and lets you prove your case with ease. When you are in an accident and want to seek compensation in court, a dashcam video could be the difference between success and failure, and you want as many things on your side as possible.

Use a Dash Cam to Monitor Teenage Drivers

For teenagers, getting their driver’s license is one of life’s most memorable milestones, and they can’t wait to get behind the wheel and have fun with their friends. You want to know your teenage driver is safe on the road and that she won’t take risks.

Putting a dashcam in your car or truck before letting your teenager drive reduces the odds of an accident because your teen will be much safer. You can later review the video footage and decide if your teen is responsible enough to drive. Also, you can review footage with your teen and help him improve his driving, reducing the odds of disaster.

Final Thoughts

Keeping a dashcam in your daily vehicle is always the smart call no matter where you live or where you go. Dashcam footage can prove your innocence if you face an unfair traffic ticket, and it can help build your case if you are the victim of an unsafe driver.

By watching past driving videos with an objective eye, you learn to avoid common mistakes so that you can save money on gas and reduce your odds of crashing. The dashcam you buy is an investment that offers fantastic returns you don’t want to ignore. If you are a reasonable driver and would like to safeguard your legal rights, having a dashcam is the right move.

Scott Distasio is a personal injury attorney in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He is the owner of Distasio Law Firm, where civil trial law is the specialty. Follow @scottdistasio on Twitter to read more expert law advice shared across the web.

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