Infographic: What to Look for When Buying a Used Car

Purchasing a used car is an exciting experience. Buying the right set of wheels can lead to miles of memories and a reliable vehicle that will last you for years.

Other the hand, buying the wrong used car can cost you thousands of dollars overnight. With 40 million used vehicles sold each year, the odds of coming across a lemon are pretty high.

Some used vehicles have hidden problems that can easily be uncovered with a thorough inspection. Other issues can appear after purchasing the vehicle.

Bottom line…

Without a proper examination, these issues can land a heavy hit on your wallet just days after driving the car off the lot. Luckily, this can be easily prevented. You just need to know which questions to ask and what red flags to look for.

Rawhide Boys Ranch has created an infographic covering a 27 point checklist you can use to make smart purchase decisions. It covers everything from exhaust inspections and fluid checks to price negotiations.

Use this checklist to confidently inspect and purchase your next used car. You can get more helpful information here.


This infographic was provided by the Rawhide Boys Ranch located in New London, Wisconsin. Rawhide is a non-profit offering programs and services to help at-risk youth.

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