9 Best Maintenance Apps for Cars

Undoubtedly, keeping your car in good service is the direct pathway to driving safely and avoiding the risks.

Sometimes gas stations and auto mechanics are not always available, which is why one can turn to the onboard computer or several helpful apps on your phone. These apps can help you keep your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, such as oil change, tire rotation, and other essential maintenance sessions.

When the problem takes place on the road, or you need to find out the state of things right away, the list of car maintenance mobile apps will help most situations.

As long as your phone is charged and you have an app installed, you will receive valuable information about fuel consumption and the nearest service centers when traveling out of your home area.

Top 9 Car Maintenance Apps for your Vehicle

Car Care App

It is one of the best car maintenance solutions that set reminders for all the essential aspects. When to rotate your tires, scheduled service, fuel economy—it is all there! As you install this app, you can enter information related to up to five vehicles. In practice, it works based on what details you provide to estimate when you receive an upcoming service reminder. You can also set default service frequency in days. It also provides quick access to various gas stations and service facilities next to your current location. Most importantly, it is free.

Car Minder Plus – Car Maintenance and Gas Log (for iOS Users)

It helps to track your repairs and car-based management needs. It will tell you when to change your oil, replace the windshield wipers, and vital aspects. The Gas Log tab allows you to track your gas consumption by showing your average mileage, most recent statistics, and a detailed graph of all your fill-ups. The app keeps a complete record of your car and makes it possible to email these reports immediately when you need to share your vehicle data. If you are into analysis, this app will keep you busy. It is all about time control, and this app makes it possible to keep your vehicle safe by prolonging its operation.

Fuel Monitor (iOS)

As the name implies, it calculates costs per mile in fuel consumption and helps you determine various service costs based on your fuel use and related factors. It also calculates your fuel and energy consumption automatically. You can also print your data directly with any local printer. It supports report exporting in PDF, CSV, and HTML, which is suitable for desktop users. It is also good for frequent travelers as it supports maps to track your precise location. The app costs only $1.99.


If you want to find the best car mechanic in the local community, this app is hard to beat. The majority of positive reviews online make this service reliable as you can describe the problem first as you choose the nearest location and a car maintenance specialist. It also offers the best prices and lets you book a necessary appointment online by sending your primary problem data to match you with the relevant specialist. For example, if you have a problem such as a sudden unpleasant odor, enter your city or ZIP code. It will provide you with more than 130 major service centers to provide you with the most affordable solutions.

Fuelly (aCar)

If you are on Android, do not miss this popular app! It allows car owners to create automatic reminders by entering service record information. Getting alerts is always helpful, especially if you are busy with work and studies! It is fully customizable and covers a wide range of both old and new vehicles and even snowmobiles and trucks.


What makes this app different is that it provides information based on your specific vehicle and your maintenance records. It will also update you when your session’s date is coming up and help you locate the best auto repair shops for your model. Most importantly, it will provide you with more than one profile as it can support up to eight vehicles, which is suitable for large families or small businesses.


This app stands out due to its user-friendliness and the amazing customer support of the company behind this software. In addition to fuel tracking, it provides trip logs, service history with storage of receipts, and uploading of all the critical documents. You can approach it like a special car notepad where you store all the vehicle-related information. You can also input custom notes like part numbers, accident reports, warranties, and more. You can also store all your car documents by taking pictures or uploading scans. Finally, access all your data offline when you have no Internet connection, which is an important factor when you are in the middle of nowhere and want to check things with a foreign car mechanic.


Drivvo is one of the best solutions for professional drivers. An outstanding fuel mileage calculator is a true highlight of this app. If calculating the costs and choosing the most efficient solutions sounds interesting, check this one out! It also supports over 60 languages, which is helpful when you are abroad and need to share statistics with a foreign car mechanic. It works both for Android and iOS platforms.

Simply Auto

This app allows capturing maintenance receipts that can be exported to Google Drive. It also has an intuitive reminders system. A good graphic interface and analysis of the warning signs make this a good app for novice drivers. It has numerous auto-start features for tracking as you drive, which is a great time-saver.

Keeping Track of Car Maintenance

Since it is one of the most apparent issues, the technology has also advanced during the last two decades by introducing several helpful apps that help you save fuel and maintain your vehicle’s state. While there is no best app per se because it will always depend on your skills, it will always depend on your experience and customization. If you would like to receive more details and reporting, AutoSist is the best solution. Likewise, if you want to install a family application that will fit all drivers and control shared profiles, myCARFAX will fit you well. Finally, regardless of location and vehicle, any driver will benefit from installing Openbay to save some funds and receive immediate help anywhere.

By using these apps, you can receive special reports and charts to track your MPG, various car maintenance fees, and so on. It is also an excellent way to save some funds and see how much you spend. Of course, you will still have to check your air filters and change the oil once you receive an alert or you know that it is due, but now you will be alerted!

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