5 Tips for Finding a Good Car Accident Lawyer

by guest writer Frank Fernandez, of the Tampa Bay, FL Fernandez personal injury law firm

If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries from a car accident, there are a number of things that you need to do as soon as possible. This includes notifying the police and filing an accident report. If another car was involved, be sure to get their information, especially the driver’s insurance policy details. As car accidents can often cause serious, even fatal injuries, it is important that you are treated by medical professionals as soon as possible.

Do not admit guilt for the car accident to the other driver or anyone else before speaking with a car accident lawyer. As your car insurance company will want to settle this matter quickly and quietly, they might encourage you to do the same. However, you cannot count on them to give you good advice regarding your car accident claim or offer you an accurate assessment of your case.

That’s why it’s important that you fight back against these corporations with some help from a local personal injury lawyer who knows what kind of tactics they’ll be using and how to counter them.

Here are five important tips to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right car accident lawyer for you and preparing your case.

Collect Data

Lawyers are extremely helpful at obtaining compensation for you, but they won’t be able to get you the damages you deserve if you don’t know what your injuries are worth. After you seek medical attention, be sure to collect the total balance of the injuries suffered so that you can seek 100 percent of your medical bills. Also, be sure to collect as much information as possible from the police who reported to the scene of your accident.

Don’t Settle

Car insurance companies will want you to settle quickly and quietly. This is why it’s important that you find car accident lawyers who know how to avoid car insurance company traps. Settling too early can mean the difference between getting $10,000 versus $100,000 in car accident compensation.

Choose Lawyers Who Come Highly Recommended

Car accident lawyers with great reputations and lots of satisfied clients typically do the best work. Search for “best car accident attorney near me” online and choose the ones with the most 5 star reviews and satisfied clients.

Review their work

Ask your lawyer for recent results that you can look over before speaking with them about your car accident claim. This will give you a better idea of their success in winning maximum compensation.

Choose Lawyers Who Work on Contingency

Car accident lawyers who work on a contingency fee basis will only receive payment when victims are awarded compensation. This means if you don’t win your lawsuit, you will never have to pay your lawyer a dime.

If you have suffered injuries due to another driver’s careless actions, keep these five tips in mind when seeking compensation and choosing a lawyer that’s the right fit for you and your case.

Frank Fernandez is the principal Tampa car accident lawyer at Fernandez Firm which he founded in 2003. Since then, his law firm has represented hundreds of plaintiffs and successfully tried numerous Florida personal injury and car accident lawsuits. Visit FernandezFirm.com to learn more about his practice and how he and his personal injury advocates can help you claim compensation.

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  1. Annallse Brown says:

    Most lawyers who represent clients in personal injury cases do not do so on their own, and when one of these cases shows up at their office, Thank you for creating such an excellent post!

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    Great read!! Thanks for sharing such a great blog, blog like these is really helpful.

  3. Ava Murphy says:

    It sure was helpful when you said that you must choose a car accident lawyer that has the most 5-star reviews to ensure that you will choose a reputable one. This is something that I will share with my sister who had a car accident three days ago. She wants to make sure that she will be compensated well, so I will ask her to do your tips on hiring a reliable car accident attorney.