Yesterday I had my hearing. As he walked in, Off. Samios, the Watertown cop, reported to the other cops in the room that “…today was a good day because there were only two appeals” with a big smile on his face. However the rubber stamping male magistrate from the week before had been replaced by a woman who didn’t really seem to know what she was doing. Her first motion was to tell all the people who where there on handicapped parking violations (min. $500 fine) to come back in two weeks because they need to be seen before “the court magistrate”(?).

I went 1st and Off. Samios read from the ticket. Then it was my turn…

I said that Charles River Rd. from Watertown Sq. to its end is approx. 1 mile long. Traveling eastbound the last posted speed limit sign is 0.2 mi. in from Watertown Sq. leaving 0.8 mi. of Charles River Rd. with no posted speed limit sign and that “8/10th’s of a mile is an unusually long zone with no confirmatory speed limit signs.”

I explained that I had turned onto Charles River Rd. from a cross street, one of approx. 10 that turns onto Charles River Rd. Just like me, anyone turning onto Charles River Road eastbound would never see a posted speed limit sign.

I then said that this was perhaps the first time I had ever been on Charles River Rd., I know that there is intensive “traffic safety enforcement” and that the posted speed limit is “very low.” I then said that “knowing what I know now I will do my best to never burden the court again and hope to be found not responsible.”

The court officer looked up and said, oh… “since you pulled onto Charles River Rd. from a cross street I find you not responsible.” I thanked her and stepped forward to receive my NR judgment.

When I turned around with my paperwork the red-faced cop had stepped away from his microphone and was standing in my pathway out of the court room interior where the court officer was seated. Red faced he said “what do you expect, a speed limit sign every 100 feet?” I regret even responding to the guy but proceeded to pull out the cover page of “Commonwealth of Massachusetts MassHighway Department Procedure for Speed Zoning on State & Municipal Roadways,” to which I had stapled page #27 (speed limit signs) and asked him if he was familiar with this document.

His reaction can only be described as apoplectic. I passed him and said “happy hunting” after which he followed me to the court room door as I exited. I zoomed down the stairs, never looked back and was off FREE!

Please pass the word that during four follow-up trips to Charles River Rd. in Watertown, Off. Samios had cars pulled over three of those times! He sits in Bay St. which is the last eastbound St. before N. Beacon. It’s best to avoid DCR roads period if at all possible….

Thanks to both of you for your help.