NMA Email Newsletter: Issue #24

How Do I Fight A Ticket From Another State?

This story comes in many different variations, but the bottom line is “what can a person do to fight a ticket that was generated in another state.” Your options are limited. You can go back to that state and fight the ticket—not very practical or cost effective. You can hire an attorney in that state and hope a reasonable plea bargain can be arranged, also not always very cost effective. Or you can grit your teeth and pay the ticket. However, there are a couple situations where your options expand.

Some states, like California, Nebraska, Florida, and a few others, allow a “Trial by Declaration” where a ticket recipient can contest the ticket in writing.

Another “no man’s land” is ticket-camera tickets. States that don’t allow ticket cameras themselves may not enforce (suspend your license for non-payment) a photo-based ticket from another state.

Arizona tickets have to be personally served on the driver before they can be enforced, which can be a little tough if the driver is in Ohio. And, in a state like Florida, where the ticket cameras are not sanctioned by the state, the local government extortionists cannot employ the state’s authority to go after drivers or car owners who ignore the tickets.

Do remember this, you ignore a standard officer-issued ticket at your own peril, even when it is from a far away state. The states cooperate with one another and they will readily suspend a license at the request of another state, no matter the time elapsed or the circumstances involved.

We have had people call us and tell us about a license suspensions that resulted from a tickets issued 30 and 40 years ago! Denial is not an option.

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