NMA E-Newsletter #182: 2012 Second Quarter Legislative Update

The NMA continues to advocate for motorists’ rights at the national, state and local level. Legislatures across the country took up a broad range of motorists’ issues in the second quarter of 2012. Here’s a brief summary of the driving-related issues we addressed.


Opposed Senate Bill 1303 that strips away fundamental rights for motorists accused of red-light camera violations. The bill has already passed the Senate and two House committees and is currently under review in the House Appropriations Committee.


Opposed House Bill 5458 that would have allowed red-light cameras into the state. The bill died in the legislature due to strong opposition from civil rights groups and lack of support among lawmakers.


Opposed Chicago Mayor Emanuel’s controversial plan to blanket the city with speed cameras. The measure ultimately received the go-ahead from the Chicago City Council and is in the early stages of implementation.


Supported House File 2214 to ban ticket cameras throughout Iowa. After passing the House, HF 2214 died in the Senate.

New York:

Opposed Suffolk County’s installation of red-light cameras at 50 additional intersections. Encouraged NMA members to sign an online petition in opposition to the measure.

New Jersey:

Supported Senate Bill 1952 to repeal the state’s red-light camera pilot program and prohibit the use of cameras in the future. The bill is pending in the Senate Transportation Committee.


Supported proposed provisions in Senate Bill 1813, the federal transportation bill, to increase the control motorists have over their vehicle event data recorder (EDR) data. These important protections were stripped from the bill before final passage. The law did, however, also remove a provision mandating EDRs in all new passenger vehicles.


Opposed House Bill 254, extending the Philadelphia red-light camera program and expanding red-light cameras to additional cities throughout the state. The bill was recently signed into law.

Opposed House Bill 3 which allowed the creation of Public Private Partnerships. The bill passed both houses and is on Governor Corbett’s desk pending his signature.

Thanks to the many NMA members who volunteered their time to send emails, write letters, make phone calls, and work with policymakers and media outlets on these important issues.

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