Illinois House Bill 3927 – Vehicle Code, Repeal Red-Light Cameras

Bill No.:
HB 3927
Bill Location:
IllinoisAssembly / House
Bill Title:


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UPDATE January 4, 2021: Bill died in committee

UPDATE August 31, 2020: Bill is sent back to the House Rules Committee.

UPDATE March 3, 2020: The bill was assigned to the Transportation: Vehicles & Safety Committee.

House Bill 3927 was introduced on October 23, 2019 and assigned to the House Rules Committee. (See also HB 3909)

The synopsis of the bill:

Amends the Illinois Vehicle Code. Repeals a Section providingauthority to use automated traffic law enforcement systems at intersectionsin which cameras are used to photograph or video record a motor vehicle'sfailure to stop and yield as required by traffic control signals. Imposeslimits on the power of local governments to use automated speed enforcementsystems to provide recorded images of a motor vehicle for the purpose of recording its speed. Denies home rule powers. Amends the State Mandates Act to require implementation without reimbursement from the State. Makesconforming and other technical changes.

Besides the NMA’s well-documented objections to the use of automated enforcement, in the lengthy annals of corruption and fraud related to such programs, Illinois plays a particularly prominent role. That is why we support passage of HB 3927.

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