29 Alerts From the AUTO INDUSTRY Tag

NMA E-Newsletter #737: Biden-Harris Administration Proposes Strongest-Ever Pollution Standards for Cars and Trucks to Accelerate Transition to a Clean-Transportation Future

Building on rapid advancements and investments in clean vehicle manufacturing, including investments in domestic manufacturing in the Inflation Reduction Act, EPA’s proposed standards would deliver on President Biden’s agenda to tackle the climate crisis. April 12, 2023 Contact Information EPA Press Office (press@epa.gov) WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced new proposed federal […]

If “Safety” Really Mattered: NMA E-Newsletter #716

By guest writer Eric Peters In several objective ways, new cars are less “safe” than cars built decades ago. A strong statement. One that probably seems ridiculous, too, given all the “safety” features new cars have that old cars did not, and the fact that new vehicles must pass a battery of crash tests before […]

The Automobile Won Part 2: NMA E-Newsletter #703

By Randal O’Toole, The Antiplanner Editor’s Note: This post recently appeared on The Antiplanner website and we thought it was an important piece for all NMA supporters to read and digest. Check out Part 1 here.  The Benefits of Autos As a recent article by a British journalist noted, “the war on cars is a […]

Want to check out my Car’s Infotainment System? Get a Warrant!: NMA E-Newsletter #681

Many of us find using a cell phone convenient for communicating and learning. Now, connecting a smartphone to a vehicle extends the utility of that little pocket computer. Vehicles have become smartphones on wheels. A car’s infotainment system records and stores call logs, contact lists, GPS information, emails, photos, text messages, social media feeds, videos, […]

Are Pedestrians Vermin? Philosophers Debate Anti-Automobilism: NMA E-Newsletter #678

In November of 2021, an obscure philosophy article was given inordinate attention in the press, propelled by press releases from anti-automobile activist groups. The article, “The vermin of the street: the politics of violence and the nomos of automobility” by Robert Braun and Richard Randell, appeared in the journal Mobilities, published online by Rutgers University. Its thesis […]

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